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Preparing Your Buyer for the Appraisal

As the Spring market heats up, it is easy for real estate agents to forget to educate their buyers on what happens when the Appraiser visits the property and how their valuation of the property can have a huge impact on how the transaction moves forward. Is the Property Worth It The bank has two evaluations to do.  The first is to qualify the buyers and to make sure they have the financial capability to pay for the property.  The second is to make sure the property is worth the amount the … [Read More...]

New Real Estate Agent Training

The Negative Neighbor

The negative neighbor is that person who comes to your open house or home inspection spreading their version of what is happening with the property, the building or in the neighborhood. You Try to Be Polite The negative neighbor usually appears without a warning and very little fan fare.  This past weekend I was visiting an open house and was confronted by the negative neighbor.   As I was waiting for the listing agent to let me in the building the negative neighbor appeared at the bottom of … [Read More...]

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Real Estate Agents Are Not the Enemy

Why are real estate agents looked upon as being just one small step above snake oil salesmen? Contrary to popular belief, real estate agents have a pretty tough job to do.  Tough because we have a lot of people to please.  And extra tough because everybody thinks they know what we do and think they can do it better than us.  But let me say a few things about being a real estate agent. We Care About Our Reputation Successful real estate agents base their business on referrals and the only way … [Read More...]

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Your Friends, Family and Co-Workers Aren’t Helping Matters

It is understandable that a home buyer would want to get a little outside advice when they are about to make the biggest financial decision of their life, but at some point they need to act like a grown up and make their own decisions.  It really isn't a good idea to collect advice from multiple people. The Real Estate Market Is Constantly Changing There's nothing quite like having your buyer ask their friends and colleagues their advice during a real estate transaction.  Although the buyer … [Read More...]

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What’s in a Brand?

What do breakfast cereal, soap, famous professional athletes and successful real estate agents all have in common? Take a Closer Look At first glance you may think these four things have absolutely nothing in common.  But upon closer look you will find that all of these things are brands.  If you've never thought of yourself as a brand let me help you understand why you need to think of yourself as one.  I'll start with the examples I gave above.  Wheaties breakfast cereal.  When you think of … [Read More...]

Should the Listing Agent Attend the Home Inspection?

The home inspection is generally considered an opportunity for the home buyer to learn the inner workings of the house they just bought...the good, the bad, the ugly.  Of course the buyer's agent will be at the inspection to monitor the inspection and manage the buyers' expectations, but should the listing agent attend the home inspection? A Time for Bonding There is a school of thought that thinks the listing agent should not attend the home inspection because the inspection is a time for the … [Read More...]