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Sometimes You Just Have to Put on the Face

The news clip showed an actress being interviewed on her first role in a new film.  The actresses body language, tone of voice, and short responses clearly indicated that she didn't want to be there.  After trying to get some better responses from her, the interviewer asked the actress if she was feeling well and jokingly said, "maybe it's just me".  The actress rudely replied by saying she was fine and, "yes, it was just her". A Spoiled Brat The actress was behaving like a spoiled little … [Read More...]

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Cold Calls Leave Me Feeling Cold

I don't know anyone who likes making cold calls.  There are probably real estate agents out there who love to make cold calls...I just don't know any of them.  But what I do like to make are "hot" calls.  Hot calls can and should be made by every real estate agent. Phone Calls Are Essential If your goal is to have a thriving, profitable real estate business, then making phone calls is an essential part of your prospecting mix.  Many years ago I was told that "everyone you know, knows at least … [Read More...]

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What to Look For When You Get Multiple Offers

When inventory is low and buyers are waiting in the wings to buy, there is a high probability that when buyers find a property they love, they will face a multiple offer situation.  When reviewing offers sellers love to see one that is above the  list price.  But what else should the seller be looking for in an offer? Financing While the sales price is important, it is even more important to see what type of financing the buyer is receiving.  If they are fortunate to receive an all cash offer, … [Read More...]

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Go Get It!

"Don't expect part time work ethic to get you full time results" Part Time Work Ethic I don't know who first uttered these words so I can't give the proper credit, but the words ring true for so many real estate agents.  How many of us have been putting in half the effort and wondering why we haven't been achieving our goals?  It's very easy to fool yourself into thinking that you are working, but reality hits hard when you check your bank account.  Either you're going to work your plan or … [Read More...]

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7 Tips for New Real Estate Agents

Although the headline reads these are tips for new real estate agents, these probably hold true for all real estate and experienced.  Here they are, in no particular order, feel free to add your own! 1.  It's Not About You As a real estate agent you are helping your client or customer navigate through the home buying or home selling process.  It is very easy to get emotionally attached to the real estate transaction and let it become personal.  Remind yourself before and during … [Read More...]

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3 Steps to Building a Referral Based Business

We all want what we want when we want it.  We live in a society where instant gratification is expected.  When we want to lose weight, we want to lose it today...this week at the latest.  When we want information, we Google it.  When we sit down at a Mexican restaurant, we dive into the chips and salsa placed before us.  But there are some things that don't come instantly and one of them is being a successful real estate agent. Three Easy Steps If you use reality television as a gauge, you … [Read More...]

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