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There’s No Such Thing As the Perfect House

One of the most challenging, yet imperative things for a real estate agent to do is to manage the expectations of their client.  This is especially true when it comes to the home inspection. There Will Be Issues The first thing that buyers need to understand about the home inspection is this...there will be issues.  Some minor, some more major, but there will be issues.  There's no such thing as a perfect house.   It doesn't matter how much or how little you pay for the house...there will be … [Read More...]

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You Can Have it All – It Just Depends on What You Want

The quest for work/life balance can seem illusive.  This can be especially true for real estate agents.  Many people become real estate agents because they are looking for that balance.  Is it difficult to achieve?  Yes, but I'm here to tell you that you CAN have it all, it just depends on what you want. The Flexibility is Great There are lots of reasons why people become real estate agents, but I think the main reason is for the flexibility.  You don't have anyone telling you when to work or … [Read More...]

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There’s a Lot of Money at Stake

You think you understand how much liability is involved with being a real estate agent, after all you made it through your pre-licensing class.  You learn the laws, the regulations and sometimes the standard of practice...if you're lucky and you got your license.  But you don't fully understand  how much liability is involved until you have a client who has money at risk. It's Not a Good Feeling Nothing can make you lose your appetite, have your stomach churning or keep you awake at night, … [Read More...]

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Boomers versus Millennials – Know Your Audience

Buyers and sellers are having a difficult time making decisions.  Should they buy or rent?  Should they sale or stay put?  Big decisions to make.  Real estate agents are used to helping our clients weigh the pros and cons of buying, selling and renting, but as we think about what to say we must now give greater weight to the audience we are speaking to. Downsizing is Not Easy Baby boomers comprise the largest group of people in our country.  As the baby boomers age and become empty-nesters … [Read More...]

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Life is Easy – People Make it Hard

Life is easy, people make it hard.  Whether it's because you want to feel important or make someone else feel small,  how we treat people is a reflection on us.  But life doesn't have to be hard.  Try the daily ritual below and see how it feels. Your Daily Ritual Do what you say you're going to do. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. When you make a mistake, admit it and move forward. Assume people are trying to do the right thing. Always try your best. Try to find the best … [Read More...]

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Are You Working Scared?

Watching tennis great Roger Federer being interviewed after winning a match at the US Open I was blown away by a confession he made.  When asked about why he is playing so much better this year than the last couple of years he admitted that he stopped playing scared. What's Your Excuse? The ego rarely allows you to make such an observation.  We usually have an excuse as to why we aren't being successful.  For real estate agents it can lots of conditions, flaky clients, no … [Read More...]