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Getting the Most From Your Open House

Whether you are a new agent or an experienced agent, holding open houses can be a great way to get new clients.  Buyers without agents often visit open houses not knowing the value of working with a real estate agent.  Sellers visit open houses to check out the competition and  to see how agents conduct themselves among the visitors.  With all of this potential for business, it is important that you arrive at the open house prepared. Do Your Homework Prior to the open house you need to do your … [Read More...]

Real Estate Agent Training

What Not to Wear

As we enter into the warmer climates it's probably a good idea to remind real estate agents that no matter how much the temperatures may rise, you still must dress appropriately.  If you want to be considered a professional, than you must dress like one. There Will Be Exceptions We all have a rationale as to why we dress the way we do, so before launching into the "why", please know that I understand completely that there will be exceptions to the "dress like a professional" rule.   While … [Read More...]

Real Estate Agent Training

This is Why You Need a Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents understand the value of the service they offer to both buyers and sellers.  But buyers and sellers sometimes have a difficult time understanding the value of working with an agent.  They  think they know all about the home buying and home selling process because they did their "research" on the Internet.  But the Internet doesn't tell the whole story. They're Back! This lack of understanding became abundantly clear to me this past weekend as I held an open house.  An older … [Read More...]

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Are You a Stager, a Realtor or Both?

Staging a property is usually a great idea. Staging helps potential buyers "see" the space.  Staging is perfect for condos and single family homes that have small, enormous or awkward spaces.  There are many real estate agents who offer staging as part of their services.  But staging is a skill...and not all real estate agents have that skill.  You have probably seen a few of those properties where the agents didn't have the "staging" gene. It's A Little Embarrassing When you walk into a … [Read More...]

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Keep Yourself and the House Safe at an Open House

If you take the time to think about it, the idea of announcing to the world that you will be at an empty house for two to three hours is a little insane.  Then to welcome strangers into the house to have them look around is possibly even more insane.  But that's exactly what we do every time we hold an open house. Take Some Precautions Real estate agents and sellers all want to expose the property to the marketplace in an effort to attract the best qualified buyer.  An open house is one of the … [Read More...]

real estate agent training

7 Things That Make You a Better Real Estate Agent

Although the headline reads these are tips for new real estate agents, these probably hold true for all real estate and experienced.  Here they are, in no particular order, feel free to add your own! 1.  It's Not About You As a real estate agent you are helping your client or customer navigate through the home buying or home selling process.  It is very easy to get emotionally attached to the real estate transaction and let it become personal.  No matter how many transactions you … [Read More...]

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